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“ Not only did Hypnotherapy save my life but has stopped me living a mediocre one.”

Lilly's testimonial

A few words from Lilly.
Latest Videos

Phobias 1

As part of a series of three videos, this clip looks at the two main types of phobias and why you can’t control your fear.

Phobias 2

Part two explores the science bit behind phobias – understanding it is the first step to overcoming fear.

Phobias 3

Part three explains how hypnotherapy helps relieve the symptoms of phobias.


Exploring the reasons behind poor sleep, how sleeping pills work and how hypnotherapy can help.


Using will power or subconscious power – which will help you really achieve the reSOLUTION?

Wedding Nerves

This really shouldnt be a stressful time in life! Find out how to approach your wedding in a relaxed state.

Weight Management

Exploring how our eating behaviours develop and how new ones can be created when you get your subconscious involved.

Tips for feeling happier Part 1
Simple and easy ways to change how you feel.
Caroline Cavanagh promotes emotional and mental health via the wonder of hypnotherapy through her company Adding Zest of Salisbury Wiltshire.