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“ It was a completely relaxing experience and after one session the issue I had been living with was substantially better. On top of that I felt more relaxed in my everyday life too.”

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnos was the greek god of sleep.  Records of hypnotism go back over 3000 years and have shown hypnotherapy to be an effective way of creating change in mental processes resulting in changed behaviours.

Here are some commonly asked questions; just click to open and close the panels.

How does it work?

Children tend to behave instinctively, doing things that either make them happy or avoid making the unhappy – it is the subconscious mind that promotes this behaviour. As we get older the conscious mind starts to develop more and we start to rationalise our behaviour, perhaps doing things we don’t want to but rationalise that we should! A great example of this change from the use of the subconscious to the conscious is the childhood belief in Santa. At a young age children instinctively trust their parents and believe what they say and Santa is great fun, but at some point, the child reasons that St Nick really cant get around the world in one night and so despite loving the magic of it all, the belief disappears! So as we grow, our actions increasingly become more based on logic than instinct. Dis-ease arises when there is conflict between the two. The phrase “my head says one thing but my heart says another” is an embodiment of the conscious and subconscious minds out of harmony.

The dis-ease from this disharmony can arise in different ways:

• Sometimes the head (the logic) rules at the cost of ignoring the instinctive (heart) desires. For example, deep down people know that smoking is bad for them, but the head manages to convince them that they will be the one who avoids cancer (dis-ease). By working directly with the subconscious under hypnosis, we can restore power to the subconscious and smoking can stop.

• The programming we receive in childhood malfunctions due to the young subconscious mind not knowing any better. For example, the child who sees their mother being frightened (dis-ease) by spiders and assumes all spiders must be dangerous. By re-evaluating that as an adult, the subconscious realises that most spiders are harmless and the phobia disappears. During hypnosis, the subconscious mind is in control as the conscious mind is deeply relaxed. In this state I can help you to remove the ‘dis-ease’ leading to swift and long-term change.

During hypnosis, the subconscious mind is in control as the conscious mind is deeply relaxed. In this state I can help you to remove the ‘dis-ease’ leading to swift and long-term change.

How do you feel when hypnotised?

The trance state is a completely natural state that we can all experience. You may hear people say, “Sorry, I drifted off for a minute” – they were in a trance. Or perhaps you have been driving and got somewhere but not remembered most of the journey – you were in a trance.

The only difference is you actively choose to go into a trance when being hypnotised. Typically it is a very pleasant experience and when people come out of trance they feel very relaxed, tranquil and often re-energised. When in a trance, you remain fully in control and aware of any noises happening around you, often to an even greater degree than normal.

How is it different to other therapies?

I use hypnotherapy to seek a resolution to your problem quickly and efficiently. The number of sessions is rarely more than 6 and so you are not tied in to a prolonged commitment to therapy.

During most of the work I do with you, you will be in a deeply relaxed state which allows us to make the changes you want, to achieve your goals. You will also be taught to achieve this trance state yourself so that you can benefit from the huge benefits of relaxation in your own time.

Often having resolved the cause of the problem, it is not only the ‘symptoms’ that disappear but just like a ripple in a pond that spread out, other areas of life can be improved too.