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“I did think what you do is ‘mumbo jumbo’ but not any more. It was amazing and if I could bottle
your voice I would make a fortune – the gently way you speak was very relaxing.”

Common Misconceptions

Stage hypnotists have raised the profile of hypnotism significantly, but also created a lot of discredit to the discipline. Fear will prevent you from achieving your goals. Here are some answers to the commonly heard worries.

"I cannot be hypnotised"

Have you ever day dreamed? Ever been driving and realised you had missed the last 5 minutes of the journey? You were in a trance – the same natural state that we create during hypnotherapy.

Do you believe Friday 13th is unlucky or if a cat crosses your path something good will happen? You have subconsciously accepted a suggestion.

Everyone can be hypnotised as long as there are 3 conditions in place:

1. You have given consent to be hypnotised

2. You trust the person hypnotising you

3. There is clear communication between you and the hypnotist

"Can you make me rob a bank or take all my clothes off?"

Whilst you are in hypnotic sleep (trance) you are still fully in control.

If a suggestion made to you was unacceptable, you WOULD NOT do it. A person who dances naked on tables when drunk, would accept a suggestion to undress under hypnosis. In TV shows where people have been hypnotised to commit crimes, those subjects had values that meant committing crime was acceptable to them.

Thousands of tests have proven that if an improper suggestion is given, people either reject it or come out of trance.

It is also important to recognise that the Hypnotherapist’s role is to assist you in achieving your goals, not to be entertained!

"What if I don't wake up?"

Hypnotic sleep is fantastically relaxing and some people do slip into the natural state of sleep we all seek to gain at night. But just as you would wake up if a fire alarm went off, or you heard your child crying at night, you would also come out of the trance, regardless of how deep it was. In over 50 years of recorded cases of hypnotherapy, no one has ever failed to return from the trance state.

"I might tell you all my secrets"

During hypnotherapy we work on the area(s) of your life that you want to change.

To create that change often means going back to memories that consciously have been long forgotten.

Those memories may have very strong emotions attached to them – perhaps fear, embarrassment or sadness. But unless those emotions are alleviated, your behaviour is unlikely to change. So you may tell your hypnotherapist things you have not told anyone else, but, the hypnotic relationship must be based on trust.

The content of your session is confidential and a professional hypnotherapist is non-judgemental.

"I won't remember what I told you"

When in a trance state your subconscious is in charge. And it is the subconscious that stores all of our memories (which is why we can access things under hypnosis that the conscious has forgotten).

The result of working with your subconscious is that your memory is enhanced meaning that when you come out of trance, people are often able to recall the session vividly and also experience an improvement in their memory in their normal wakened state.

Caroline Cavanagh promotes emotional and mental health via the wonder of hypnotherapy through her company Adding Zest of Salisbury Wiltshire.