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“ I have come such a long way from who I was when you first met me. With your help I have been able to put my past into perspective and not let it control me any more. I am so much happier now than I have been in a long time”

Case Studies

Case Study 15

Client: Jane
Condition: Lack of self-control

Jane came to see me feeling overwhelmed with family life which included managing two sons, one of which had some learning challenges. Their behaviour had led to her dreading school holidays and struggling with anxiety. She regularly experienced the vicious cycle of losing her temper and then regretting it and feeling guilty.

We had a total of 7 sessions over a number of months to help her with the turmoil of feelings she held inside her and also to develop new strategies to create a different atmosphere at home.

“After even the first treatment, I felt the benefit as it made me feel that I had taken control back, and made a positive step. I felt a deep sense of relaxation even on the first treatment, and felt it a great benefit to reflect on the areas that I needed to address, and to work out steps to improve the way that I handled difficulties.

As result of several treatments I felt a deeper sense of calm and organisation, that I had not had previously. This gave me the strength to tackle daily family issues, without the need to increase my anxiety and stress levels or lose my temper. I definitely felt that I had more energy and was not worrying as much.”

A key area that hypnotherapy helped Jane was to face the reality that you cant control other people – her children’s behaviour for example – but you can control your own feelings and responses. And every action has a reaction. So by changing what she was doing, it also had an impact on the rest of the family:

“My extra ‘control’ did rub off on the Boys as I think everyone noticed that I was calmer and more ‘sorted’. In particular my husband noticed, and I feel that everyone seemed to respond by behaving better and generally being, well, calmer!!”

Thank you!!!”
Caroline Cavanagh promotes emotional and mental health via the wonder of hypnotherapy through her company Adding Zest of Salisbury Wiltshire.