“ I have come such a long way from who I was when you first met me. With your help I have been able to put my past into perspective and not let it control me any more. I am so much happier now than I have been in a long time”

Case Studies

Case Study 5

Client:  Julia
Condition:   Insomnia

Julia came to me reluctantly, having been sent by another client and doing it to pacify him! She had not slept for more than about 3 hours in over 10 years. We did just one session and that night she slept for 5 hours. Extracts from her email to me are below:

" My Dear Caroline I can not tell you the difference in my sleep pattern, and I feel as if I have more energy.

I had no idea the Arthritis in my hip was waking me, now I turn and continue sleeping. Since my session with you I sleep much MUCH better, up to 8 hours. Not every night/day is the same but I do sleep for at least 5 hour maximum of 8 hours.

I did think what you do is "mumbo jumbo" but not any more it was amazing and if I could bottle your voice I would make a fortune the gentle way you speak was very relaxing. I do go through your mantra as I get into a comfortable position relaxing eyes jaw shoulders back and legs rarely do I get to the feet.

My husband says its likened to a switch that I sleep so well compared to before we met. I'm sorry I haven't returned the email before now but my life is very busy, but one thing not worrying me is sleep.

I cannot thank you and Paul for this opportunity to correct this cycle.

Very kind regards

Caroline Cavanagh promotes emotional and mental health via the wonder of hypnotherapy through her company Adding Zest of Salisbury Wiltshire.